John Muther – 2023-2024 Adventure Music Studio Policy 

Music never lets us down. It helps us process our woes and celebrate our joys. It brings people together and takes us to new places. It stays with us our whole life. 

Instead of ‘taking lessons’, think of this as enrolling in music school. It is like signing up for a dance class, a martial art, or a sport. 

I love working with students on many instruments and helping to learn and grow musical skills. I am always excited to see where the adventure leads each and every student. 

Location & Contact 

Infusing Music Studios

2733 E. Lakin Drive, Suite 1

Flagstaff, AZ 86004



This year I have a completely new tuition model. If you are confused, please ask! 

As you commit to more lessons, your discount goes up. Monthly tuition is your total lesson cost divided by the number of months you are taking lessons.

30-min Lesson Packs

Number of Lessons Discount Applied Price per Lesson Monthly Invoice
30 lessons “School Year Pack” 20% $32 $96 for 10 months
15 lessons “Semester Pack” 15% $34 $102 for 5 months
5-8 Lessons 10% $36 N/A
2-4 Lessons 5% $38 N/A

1 Lessons

“A la Carte”

0% $40 N/A

Families with multiple siblings will receive and additional 5% off. 

30-min Sibling Lesson Packs

Number of Lessons Discount Applied Price per Lesson Monthly Invoice
30 lessons “School Year Pack” 25% $30 $96 for 10 months
15 lessons “Semester Pack” 20% $32 $102 for 5 months
5-8 Lessons 15% $34 N/A
2-4 Lessons 10% $36 N/A

1 Lessons

“A la Carte”

5% $38 N/A

Make sure to schedule around any vacations and special school events, etc. You may want to keep a few dates ‘reserved’ on your calendar in case you have any sick days or unexpected conflicts. 


  • First tuition payment is due upon receipt of invoice. 
  • Subsequent tuition payments are due by the 1st of each month. 
  • Invoices 8 days past due will incur a 10% late fee. 
  • Payment can be made by: 
  • Cash 
  • Check (to: John Muther) 
  • Card (via emailed invoice) 


You can cancel a lesson at any time for any reason. We will work together to fit your number of lessons into the calendar period they are meant for. 

There will be an expiration date for your lessons. After that expiration date, you may no longer reschedule old lessons. So make sure you get your reschedules on the calendar as soon as a possible. 


You are responsible for providing an instrument. I recommend renting from AZ Music Pro. Avoid ordering the cheapest thing on Amazon. It seems like a money saver, but will cost more in the long run when you have to replace it. 

If you do not have an instrument, wait until you get one to enroll in lessons. It won’t be worth your time and money until you have something to practice on every day. 

Supplies and Materials 

I provide a binder for every student. I also provide individualized materials for each student based on our activities. 

You are also responsible for purchasing the books we use. I will tell you exactly which books or supplies to buy. If you like, I can order the correct books and put that cost onto your invoice. 


I don’t want cost to stop anyone from learning music. If music tuition doesn’t fit in the family budget, please fill out the form for a scholarship. 

  • You tell me exactly the monthly price you can afford.
  • That scholarship is maintained for however many lessons you commit to (in other words, whatever “lesson pack” you choose).
  • When we sign up for a new lesson pack, we also fill out a new scholarship form.

Scholarships come with a few responsibilities:

  • Those receiving scholarship are not eligible for make up lessons.
  • Those receiving scholarships must participate in performances.

Sponsor a Scholarship! 

Perhaps you are a grandparent or family member who wants to encourage or help a student work hard at learning an instrument. Perhaps you had a great time with music in your life and want to share that with someone who cannot afford it. If you or someone you know has more than enough means, please consider becoming a Scholarship Sponsor. 

A Scholarship Sponsor commits to paying the difference between the scholarship adjusted fee and my normal fee. This allows me to give out scholarships with less stress as to how it affect my own ability to pay bills and buy groceries. 


Practice is how we learn and improve. No practice = no learning or improvement. 

Each lesson, the student leaves the lesson with a specific practice assignment. I expect students to practice this assignment daily until the next lesson. 

I’m always looking for ways to tailor a practice assignment to the individual student. If we need to adjust expectations or try a new practice technique, please let me know. For example, if the student can’t do 20 minutes of playing, but can do 10, we can adjust. Effective practice habits vary by individual, so we have to experiment to find what works best. I want every student to be successful! 

For little ones, practice is best done with the parent sitting on the bench with the student. Their work should only take a few minutes each day, maybe 10 at the max. 

As students get older, they will be more independent. But, they will always need your guidance, positive attention, and encouragement. 


Every week, students will mark their practice days on their What To Practice sheets. This helps me as a teacher know what to expect for progress. If practice drops below half the days in the month, we will discuss whether it is right to continue. 

Here are a bunch of practice techniques to try: 

  • Play a set number of repetitions. (ex: 5x through a piece in row) 
  • Set a timer for the piece you are working on (Ex, set timer for 3 minutes,when the timer rings, move on to the next piece.) 
  • Set a timer for the entire practice session. (ex: set timer for 25 minutes, when the time rings, you are done for the day) 
  • Play the first measure, then play measure 1 and 2, then 1, 2, and 3. Each time you restart, add the next measure. 
  • Play the last measure, then play the last 2 measures, then the last 3 measures, etc. 
  • Give daily rewards for practicing, with bonuses for an entire consecutive week. (Especially helpful for people with ADHD). 

Creating a Practice Habit. 

  • Practice at the same time every day. 
  • Keep the practice area clear of clutter, and easy to access, and a pleasant place to be. 
  • Keep instruments out and ready with wall hangers, floor stands, etc. 
  • Make sure you have a chair/bench that allows you to sit with good posture. 
  • Have a music stand set up in your practice area and keep your music on it. 
  • Create boundaries around your practice time. 
  • For kids, parents should help keep distractions, siblings, etc from interrupting practice time. 
  • Adults can tell family and roommates, “This is my practice time. Please don’t interrupt." 
  • Turn your phone and other screens off. 


Performing is an essential part of our musical experience. We share our work after long practice hours alone. We enjoy the applause. We make our friends and family happy and proud. 

I want all my students to take part in two recitals each year; one in late fall, one in late spring. I will not force anyone to play, but I strongly urge even those who are nervous to join. Our recitals are a safe, friendly, and controlled place to show your skills. It is a great way to get the unique experience of performing. 

Performance Etiquette and Attire 

Students will dress up for performances: 

  • Wear something dressy that makes you feel comfortable and confident. 
  • Keep your hands and head/face free so nothing will interfere with your playing. (No gloves, hats, distracting hair, etc) 
  • Make sure it doesn’t distract you or the audience. Fashion is cool, but music is the focus. 
  • Skirts/pants should go past the knee. 
  • Sleeves should go past the elbow. 

Students and Families should stay for the entire recital. Respect all the musicians by listening and being a good audience. Please don’t leave immediately after your student plays. 

You may record performances. Please be discrete and do not distract those around you. Get permission from anyone in the video before posting to social media. 

SOAP BOX: Consider leaving your smart device off. Studies show the more you take photos, the less you remember about the event. Your presence and attention are the most valuable thing you can give anyone. Consider giving that gift to the performers at the recital. 

Ending Lessons 

If, for any reason, you must end your lessons before the end of your commitment period, there is no need to give notice. What happens is your price per lesson will change to the next level down, your discount will be retroactively changed, and I will charge you the difference. 

Dismissal from Lessons 

I may choose to dismiss a student. Likely reasons are low attendance, poor behavior, lack of practice, or lack of interest. I will always communicate before I make this decision, and discuss what we can improve. 

Changes to Studio Policy 

I may change my studio policy at any time. Usually I make changes once a year at the beginning of the school year. However, there could be a mistake, something that doesn’t work, or a new situation arising that would mean a change mid year. If this happens, I will be sure to let all students and families know.

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