John Muther

John Muther has been actively writing songs, recording, and performing since 2005. He has played in churches, re-purposed churches, bookstores, re-purposed bookstores, Anarchist collectives, living rooms, backyards, basements, bars and coffee shops across the country.

At the end of an English degree, John was talked into performing at an open mic.  He was surprised to find a positive response, and sought more and more opportunities to play.  He recorded a few songs on a tape 4-track in his parents' basement.  He released this as a short CD ("5 songs/ 5 dollars"), burning discs one at a time, folding and gluing each jacket by hand.  Moving to Milwaukee, WI, John developed a particular love for playing small settings, like living rooms, attics, and basements.  With huge help from friends, he put together a 30-date tour across the western part of the United States.

So far, John Muther makes catchy, singable music about things you recognize.

He has three short CDs, on which he played all the instruments. They are:
"5 songs / 5 dollars" (2005)
"Right Lane for the Right Turn" (2006)
"Everything That Makes You Feel Tired" (2007)

Usually performing solo, acoustic sets, if you would like to set up a show, he would like to play for you.