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John Muther


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Organic, rhythmic, one-man pop.

Surely worthy of all the accolades and praises, the story of John Muther has become something of a musical Loch Ness Monster, too incredible to be true. But let me assure you there is nothing more real. Born the 22nd child of J. S. Bach, John was a black sheep and rebelled against the polyphonic stylings of his father by diving head first into the 60's folk scene. Peter, Paul, John and Mary was just breaking into the big time, when John decided to go electric with the Butterfield Blues Band, a decision that later greatly influenced a moderately popular songwriter named Bob Dylan. Ostracized from the folk community, Muther spent a brief stint with the Journey/Boston supergroup, “Journey to Boston.” This led to some touring guitar work with Metallica while James Hetfield’s arm was injured in a pyrotechnics accident.

Currently, between tours as the replacement singer for Queen, John Muther works on his synapse-burning solo career. Every melody, a symphony. Every lyric, a novel. Every song, a masterpiece to stand to the end of time, inspecting, revealing, uplifting and questioning humanity with and of itself.

Or maybe John Muther is a young man who writes honest, original American music.

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