Track 5 - 19th C

Let it be known that I was a fan of the six-part A&E Pride and Prejudice mini-series before it was cool.

Anyway, I used to always announce this song by saying, “This song is about Jane Austen.” Often when I…


Track 4 - Home (Right Lane for the Right Turn)

Track 4 - Home (or Right Lane for the Right Turn)

I think the words to this song are pretty much self-explanatory. No secrets here. Nor did I add any weak personal jokes in this one. This is strange, because…


Track 3 - Bitter/Better (in the tradition of carpe diem)

When I was getting my English degree, I learned about 'carpe diem' poems. As I recall, the requirements for being a 'carpe diem' poem are the following:

  1. A love poem in the voice of the woo-er addressed to a reluctant…

Track 2 - Shoes

Track 2 – Shoes

I worked at a certain shoe store for a long time. When people learned this fact the most common response was, “Everybody needs shoes.” Fair enough. The particular store I worked at specialized to some degree…


Track 1 - 500 lbs in a Room of One's Own

Track 1 – 500 lbs in a Room of One's Own

500 lbs is one of the earliest songs I wrote. You wouldn't know it from this recording, but it started as an imitation of 90's post-hardcore, specifically the band…


Live Album?

When I started making pop music, it happened in two ways:

-4-track recordings with as many instruments and as much drum machine as possible.

-Playing 3-song slots at open mics.

At the time, these things seemed very separate. Over the…


John Muther "Live Album"

Guess what everyone? My “Live Album” is out! This is a digital-only release and you can get it from most purveyors of digital music. Here are the ways that you can help me:

1. BUY IT! You can buy it…