Track 7 - An Estimation Song

Track 7 – An Estimation Song

There is a lot of pithy, quotable stuff about creative work and stealing ideas. It is all pretty much true, as far as I can tell. With this song, my goal was to write a love song without any of the typical love language. I did this by imagining that the speaker lived, more or less, inside of Orwell's 1984. All the normal language for emotional love is eradicated, and so the speaker struggles to express the feeling in the language available. I think the song began with the bridge line, “I esteem you, comrade, more than I esteem my other comrades.”

You'll see here again me in denial about the desire to write love songs just like you see it in “Let's Write a Love Song”, “Bitter/Better”, and probably others as well. Some day I should write a bunch of love songs of the ooh-baby-baby variety, just to see how it goes. It might be great. Perhaps that is my true talent, and I am wasting it by being too highfalutin.

This may be one of my favorite songs. I wrote in another entry about song-craft, and I think this is a good example of successful song-craft from me. I had a specific premise and goal. I achieved the goal while holding closely to the premise. While I did those things, I also find the song communicates emotionally. There are lines that surprise me with their effectiveness every time I sing or hear this song. The real joy is that I hit all the marks I was aiming for. That must be how Kanye West feels all the time.

This present recording is pretty good. It is confident, even though I know I wasn't sure about the form of the chorus yet. The tempo is very solid and well chosen, not too fast, not too slow. Although I like this recording, I think this song deserves better. I hope to do this some day with a few more instruments and an arrangement that complements the success of the lyrics.

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