Track 2 - Shoes

Track 2 – Shoes

I worked at a certain shoe store for a long time. When people learned this fact the most common response was, “Everybody needs shoes.” Fair enough. The particular store I worked at specialized to some degree in work boots. I helped a lot of gruff dudes buy steel toes. In general people wanted the following things from work boots: infinite durability, domestic manufacture, water proof, oil proof, cosmic ray proof, slip resistant, light as a feather, and dirt cheap.

Some thing about that sales experience inspired at least the beginning of this song. I also felt I had 'something to say' in this song about labor unions or war or TV or something, but it really turned into an incomprehensible, condescending mish-mash. With hindsight, I think that was a OK. This is a catchy pop tune, and I think many catchy pop tunes are better when they are over confident and don't quite make sense.

Musically, I have always enjoyed the guitar part. I have always heard this with a 'full band' in my head, and maybe there will be a chance to do it that way some day. There is a meter change in the bridge that works on me every time. And, I go from the bridge straightaway to the final double chorus. Nice and efficient. No need for a third verse here!

The singing on this recording is not very good, but I'm not ashamed. The style of this song is somewhat different than the jangly, strummy type of stuff I was mostly doing, which is a nice contrast. The tempo I took back in 2005 was pretty quick, but thankfully it gives the track energy rather than ruining the song. In the end, it made the cut.