Live Album?

When I started making pop music, it happened in two ways:

-4-track recordings with as many instruments and as much drum machine as possible.

-Playing 3-song slots at open mics.

At the time, these things seemed very separate. Over the years, people kept saying things like, “I like your recordings fine, but I wish you had something that was like your live show.” Foolishly, I took this as an affront to my autonomy as an artist. Who were they to tell me how to do my art stuff?

After ten years of contemplation, I've decided they were correct. Here is a live album. These particular tracks were all recorded at the The Coffee House (, a little venue with a lot of history in Milwaukee, WI. They also happened to be recorded by one person, Sandy Weisto. I am very thankful to both The Coffee House and Sandy, because they made these recordings possible and have been very kind to me.

These tracks come from three different years, 2005, 2007 and 2008. Listening through these recording, I hear great improvement over that time. I removed all the songs that had too many mistakes. I removed all the embarrassing on stage chatter. All that is left is a baker's dozen of pretty good performances. Many of these songs are already in my small recording catalog, but more than half are what the industry calls “previously unreleased”. I am happy these will “see” the “light of day”. Fans of my tunes might notice that some favorite songs are missing. That only means we have more to anticipate. How happy!

I am very thankful to Dora Klunk, who drew the “cover art” for this digital release. She responded to my request with a very excellent picture. She is a maker of many cool things. I'm sure she would make something for you if she could.

Anyway, I love you and I think you are great. Take care. Enjoy this music, if you dare.