Every Trick in the Book 7" Vinyl Single

Hello Friends. It has been quite some time since I “officially” released any music. Guess what? Here are two “new” tracks!





These were recorded at Velvet Sky Studios in Milwaukee, WI under the auspices of Cat Dracula Records. How can you get these bomb tracks? Allow me tell you.


For $7 you can get:

1) Every Trick in the Book / Bitter-Better 7” vinyl single.

2) Download cards for mp3 versions of the above tracks

3) John Muther: Adventure Music bandanna (your choice of navy blue w/blue whale, green w/elk, red w/red fox, sky blue w/ arctic tern)


(You'll cover shipping too.)


Interested? Please contact me, and we will transact some business!


Also, if you like the tunes, but don't have $7, please recommend it to friends. It helps a lot.